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Package Application

Package and Custom Application Development helps you meet your business goals, especially when packaged software does not address your requirement effectively. Intidata’s specialists have years of in-depth experience and expertise to develop reliable and scalable applications, rapidly and efficiently with both Microsoft.Net and client/server development tools. We offer a wide range of package application software such as:

  1. Multi Finance (Leasing/Consumer Finance)

    IDSLease is a comprehensive lease accounting and asset management solution that is recognized as the premier custom solution for both equipment and vehicle lease portfolios. IDSLease package includes lease administration, lease analysis, and lease accounting.
    Lease administration accepts as input: lease contracts, interest rate changes, lease asset, insurance, collateral/warranty, payment instruments (including post dated check), rental payments and disbursement.
    Lease administration will do the following calculation: calculate outstanding principal, lease receivable, unearned income, calculate payment amortization, calculate grace period interest, calculate adjustments due to change in the interest rate, and recalculate schedules of contracts with floating rates. Method of amortization is by annuity method, fixed principal recovery, step rentals or irregular, in which case manually calculated figures will be input.
    It also monitors postdated check submitted, purchase orders and deliveries, lease documents related to ownership and collateral and insurance premiums.
    Lease administration also makes use of tables, i.e.. Industry code table, equipment type table and currency table.
    Lease analysis contains amortization analysis, rate evaluation which can be done by fixed (for the duration of lease period) or by floating (reviewed periodically), portfolio analysis by industry code and by equipment type. It also generates sales analysis by account officer or by contract type.
    Lease accounting generates the following journals; lease initiation, due payment (billing), collected payment, lease income adjustment (due to floating rate), income recognition, full termination, partial termination, and expiration. Journals will be produced and transferred to accounting module as daily summary. The links between leasing and accounting module can be done automatically through Create & Transfer GL Transaction process.
    FISCUS supports monthly reports for OJK (Otoritas Jasa Keuangan) reporting.

  2. Factoring

    Factoring system is used to manage debtor’s accounts within factored clients. It consists of transaction such as: submit document (invoice and credit note), advance payment, fee (service and handling), payment receipt, receipt of on account payment, interest charge, settlement of overdue item (with recourse) and reversals.
    Each client the system can maintain limits, account balance, funds in use, factoring receivable.
    Interface to General Ledger is provided through a facility to write automatic journals generated from the factoring system to General Ledger module.

  3. Plantation

    Intidata Plantation provide a powerful integrated functions to increase productivity, improve performance and manage all operational aspects of the plant maintenance, including field, harvest and transport activities, Payroll, Finance, inventory, vehicle and heavy equipment, workshops and others. The system can help you monitor the budget for the plant, expenses and cash flow more accurately, strict control over budget, expenses, inventory control, production per each cost center.
    Intidata Plantation features are:
    - Increase productivity and efficiency
    - Monitoring budget and optimized all resources
    - Controlling the cost of maintenance vehicle and heavy equipment.
    - Controlling the use of petrol, chemicals and fertilizer.
    - Prepare a report that accurately and precisely.
    - Reports and data can be export to Microsoft Word, Excel and other format.

  4. Accounting (AR/AP)

    Accounting package contains General Ledger, Fixed Asset, Account Receivable (AR), and Account Payable (AP). It has a flexible account structure, with additional currency, department and project codes. The system support ratio calculation, multi currency and revaluation process of foreign currency balance automatically.

Customer Testimonial

Sample ImagesFor us, as a newly setup carton box factory company - Intidata provides more than the accounting system and we are confident to recommend Intidata to other companies.
(Rudy S, Director PT. TKI)

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